Friday, May 7, 2010

Lake Russel

My friends and I visited Lake Russel in Georgia last July to celebrate the 4th. It was really an amazing trip. I took tons of pictures at the dam site, where the massive lake spread for miles, being all you could see on the horizon. With the sun just going down, it was the perfect time to get some amazing shots. This is my favorite of them all.
I loved editing this one. To get this amazing color I increased the contrast and increased all color saturation by 80-100%. 

Depending on the original state of a photo, increasing saturation can work really well, if the photo starts out having a lot of colors to work with. The sunset may not have looked as richly colorful as in my edited piece, but being at the lake and seeing the sun setting with my own eyes was more incredible than any photo edit.


Jen said...

This is so amazing. It looks like the sky's on fire.

Deylah said...

Thank you. :) If it had looked like that in real life we would have been blinded. XD

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