Saturday, October 3, 2009

What Is This Blog?!

I am aware that I love to explain a lot, which might result in some TL;DR ("Too long, didn't read"), but I very much enjoy explaining myself, so in case you're impatient, allow me to give you the summary of my blog: ME LIKE PHOTOS. YOU LIKE PHOTOS? ME POST PHOTOS. 8D

Still reading? Here's the longer version. :)

I really enjoy searching the web for odd art and creative ideas. But the more I looked, the more my inspirational fire started burning. I decided to cook myself up a blog. Mmm, tasty.

One-Ton Photo is rightly named so because of the enormous impact a single photograph can have on a person (like a ton! Hahahaha get it?). Some photos make you feel incredibly depressed, while others can brighten your spirits and give you the warm fuzzies. And of course there are those photos that make you feel outright odd.

I'm going to post one of my own photographs (emphasis on the non-plagiarism!) every day, some with edits or words and some raw and unchanged. It will all depend on my mood. (Note: no pictures will be of an explicit nature, so don't worry about being careful.)

So why am I doing this, besides that it's fun and hopefully entertaining for you? I suppose it's out of respect to the many other people out there whose art and creativity have touched me on some deep and meaningful level. I'm giving back to them, and to you.

All it takes on your part is time: Just search through the blog archive and click on something that looks interesting. You can also look through the categories listed on the left side of the page to find something more suited to your interests. You can also check out the pictures from my photoshoots, which is still being updated since I haven't put many up yet. Feel free to leave a comment on anything you like. I'm open to criticism.

Thank you for visiting!

Your fellow person,


faithannemurillo said...

i love your blog! i think your pictures are what u say , they r inspirational! Your Amazing!

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